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Work in the hall....

Work in the hall

Work in the hall...

After finding heating oil, in the walls. Work has started, to remove the damaged walls and floors.


The extra fuse box, and hot water cyl. set up. 2 rad. taken down and the light switch in the hall, disconnected.


The plastic dust wall was set up


As you can see the walls have been removed and the floor broken up.

Now the big question, is there oil in the floor.... to be continued...  :O)))


Photos from over the weekend...A big hole when we came home Friday..

And an every bigger hole today :O)

Well samples have been taken and there go 8 days before we hear anything.


Has been almost an month since my last update. The reason, more or less is that there is oil in the floor and walls etc. The Country Council have now come into the picture and have today told us we have to stop all work, and to retake the tests. The council have at the moment not got the money to take theses new tests and have told us that it can take at lest a year before they can.....So yes we have a lovely big fucking hole!!!!!

Also today the Country Council have mentioned that the smell of oil is too much and that they are taking action with regards to that. Again great fucking news. They have even talked about, that we might have to move out until everything is in place.....

NO FUCKING WAY !!!!!!!!  

So for the moment in my best english

WE ARE FUCKED at the moment......                                                               


Well today the Country Council and the insurance company have been out at the house. They will not take more test at the moment, ( would be great if they did, we think the earth test is wrong ). FUCK FUCK FUCK....that might have shown that the earth was ok, but no. They are going to remove the other floor and take photos and write reports and so on.....So instead of one fucking hole and no walls we will have one mega fucking hole and still no walls.....they are going to remove the floor all the way down to the earth and take new test there to see if there is oil.



Has been a while I know....but they have started again. They have as you can see in the new photos removed the floor and have found the problem. The old oil pipes where cut and not closed proper. As you can also see, it looks like the oil is only in the concrete. So a little bit of hope has come back..... The insurance company have been and have taken new I will write what is happening when I have heard from them


NO OIL......:!!!!!!!!!!



Has been a while again I know....but as you can see from the newest photos, we are getting the moment.....all that is left is finish work. cleaning and the like.....but...yes there has to be a but.....16+ floors tiles have to be taken up and redone....We have gotten our guest toilet back...and have put the press and mirror up....more to follow....


Yes almost finished..I have taken the job of cleaner the doors and window. The step at the front door needs to be repaired now..

 They now have to lift 16 floor tiles and re-lay them.

But getting there :O)


Work in the hall....